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Here at Tredarrup Farm our goal is to exceed expectations.

We pride ourselves on providing luxury farm holidays, where you can escape the day-to-day and truly relax.  Holidays that feel just that bit special and with extra little details to make it memorable. Holidays that are enjoyable, from the moment you book to the moment you check-out.

We’re a small family business and we really do put an enormous amount of thought and care into what we do. So we’re thrilled that this is reflected in the independently verified 5 star reviews we consistently receive from our guests.

Because, crucially, this means our guests are happy. And happy guests = happy us!

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After you’ve stayed with us you’ll be automatically invited to leave us a review by an independent company called Upfront Reviews and we’re always hugely grateful when our guests take a moment out of their busy day to respond. It only takes a minute but really does makes a big difference, helping us to continually improve the holiday experience we offer and giving others the confidence to book a holiday with us.

You can also leave us a review on Google by clicking the button below. Google reviews are extra marvellous because they help us get seen online when people are Googling for holiday ideas. And, as a very small fish in a very large pond, this is a constant challenge!

So, if you’re able to spare a moment to leave us a Google review as well then thank you, it’s really very much appreciated x

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