Milk and More!


We now have a milkman delivering lovely Cornish milk to us in glass bottles on a Monday and Thursday, as well as lots of other locally sourced produce.  


You’ll find a pint of milk in your fridge when you arrive and if you would like anything else delivered before or during your stay then please let us know by Friday for a Monday delivery or by Monday for a Thursday delivery. 


We pay the milkman by BACS for the whole Tredarrup order each week, so please make payment to us by cash on delivery. Milk bottles can be rinsed and left in the milk crate on our front steps for collection. Many thanks!!


Items Available for Delivery


Pint glass bottles: 


Whole, semi-skimmed or skimmed milk – 77p

Gold top milk – 83p

Organic whole, semi-skimmed or skimmed milk - 84p

Homogenised milk – 80p

Juices: orange, apple, cranberry, pink grapefruit – £1.15


Cornish cream and butter:


Cornish clotted cream 4oz - £1.30 or 8oz - £1.99

Cornish double cream 10oz - £1.80

Rodda’s hand-churned butter 250g - £2.40

Trewithen Dairy salted or unsalted butter 250g - £2.40

Trewithen Dairy spreadable butter 250g - £2.50


Locally made yoghurts:

Sharing pots

Trewithen Natural Yogurt 500g - £1.75 

Stapleton Lemon Curd Greek Yogurt 400g - £1.70 

Stapleton Vanilla Greek Yogurt 400g - £1.70 

Greek Natural Yogurt 400g - £1.70 

Prune & Date Yogurt 400g - £1.50 

Fig & Date Yogurt 400g - £1.50 

Individual Pots

120g pots of low fat mango, low fat strawberry, low fat raspberry, blackcurrant, honey – all £0.55 each 

150g pots of raspberry, nectarine & passion-fruit, gooseberry, sweet & sour cherry, strawberry & cream, blueberry – all £0.75 each 

Thick & Creamy Yogurts x 4 - £2.00



 Hovis medium or thick sliced, white or wholemeal 800g  - £1.30