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Come and meet the animals on a family-friendly farm holiday in Cornwall.

Our small hobby farm is home to a range of animals, popular with adults and children alike. In fact, feeding the goats is more popular with the grown-ups than the children – they’re irresistibly cute!

The majority of our animals are pets – misfits and rejects that nobody else wanted. The only exceptions being the hens and bees, who pay their way in eggs and honey – but even they are promised a home for life!

We have 7 glorious acres for you to explore, with magnificent views across Cornwall. It’s the perfect place for an evening stroll or a lunchtime picnic. Or a rounders match. Or just a roll down the hill. There’s oodles of open space for children to run and play and generally let off steam. And who doesn’t love collecting a warm fresh egg for their tea?

We don’t have regimented group feeding times, preferring a more personal approach. So if you’d like a tour, to learn a little more of what we do and to get up close and personal with the animals then just let us know when you arrive and we’ll fit in a time to suit you!


Pygmy goats at a family-friendly farm holidayWe have four rather cheeky pygmy goats, all named after Poldark characters: Ossy, Jud, Drake and Captain Ross. We actually only meant to have two but it turns out it’s very easy to get carried away when you go goat shopping!

They’re wethers, which means they’re castrated males, so serve no other purpose than as entertainment. They love to be fed by hand and will delight you with their antics. Smaller children and anyone of a more nervous disposition can opt to feed them willow wands through the fence.


Two sheep, farm holidays in CornwallWe’ve had 5G installed! Gina, Ghia, Galaxy, Gracie and Gypsy, our five pet Zwartbles ewes. They’re what’s called mismarked , meaning they’ve got too many or not enough white bits, and are therefore not of pedigree standard but we think they’re beautiful. And so do they!

They’re super-friendly, rather greedy, and love nothing more than a good neck scratch and a sheep nut or three. In return they do an excellent job of mowing the paddock and keeping us entertained.

Chickens and Indian Runner Ducks

Runner ducks, family-friendly farm holidayWe have lots of friendly chickens who love to be fed some tasty corn and will reward you with a fresh egg for your tea. Some will even tolerate being cuddled – if you can catch them that is. And you’ll find the cockerels strutting their stuff, cock-a-doodle-doing at strange times of the day, organising their respective ladies and just generally showing off.

Duck Martin and his girls are our Indian Runner ducks. With their comical upright waddle, they’re a delight to watch. They lay beautiful blue/green eggs during the spring and early summer and are extremely chatty!

Geese and Honey Bees

Geese at a family-friendly farm holidaySafely fenced off in the bottom corner of the farm are our two elderly white geese, Simon and Mandy, who were in need of a retirement home and we were happy to oblige. They’re spending their autumn years quietly waddling around and swimming in the old pond under the trees. They’re excellent lawnmowers too! They occasionally reward us with an enormous egg, though these are getting fewer as they get older. If you’d like to try one then please just ask.

The geese are kept company by our resident honey bees, who thrive on the abundance of wildflowers here. We often have their delicious honey and comb for sale and it makes the perfect gift to take home.

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