Tredarrup Farm Holiday Cottages


Bringing your dog

Dogs are very welcome at Tredarrup Farm (we love ‘em) and we want them to have a fabulous holiday, just like their owners. 

The holiday cottages are hidden away at the end of a farm track, away from any roads, and with a lovely big paddock for walkies. We think we’re the perfect choice for a dog-friendly farm holiday in Cornwall!

There aren’t a great long list of doggy dos and don’ts, just a few common sense guidelines to ensure everyone at the farm has a peaceful and relaxing holiday…

Doggy Etiquette

Up to 3 dogs are welcome in Mill Barn and Stable Cottage, up to 2 in Shippon and 1 in the Wagon. 

All dogs must be over 12 months of age and spayed or neutered. This is non-negotiable I’m afraid, due to the quality of the furnishings and fittings.

If you have a reactive dog then I’m afraid, due to the presence of children, livestock and other dogs, this isn’t the place for them.

Please be considerate of others and keep an eye on your dog at all times. The gardens and terraces are not dog-proof so please remember not everyone likes dogs and some may even be scared of them. So please don’t allow them to jump up or bark at other guests, enter other people’s cottages (particularly during warm weather when doors may be left open) or leave any calling cards. You know your dog so, if in doubt, please pop them on a lead at certain times if need be.

Please always pick up after your dog, even in the field. We’ll leave you a roll of plastic-free, eco-friendly poo bags and you’ll find a dog waste bin in the parking area.

Try to take them into the field or along the farm track when they need the loo, rather than using the garden areas where there may be children playing. We realise this isn’t always possible though – when they’ve gotta go, they’ve gotta go!

You can walk all the way around the field and through the open meadow area, which is great for ball-throwing. And your dog (and you) can run free and have a whale of a time chasing rabbits all around the field. But, if they’re liable to worry the livestock and cause them distress, please keep them on a lead in those areas.

Please make sure your dog has been wormed and had their flea and tick treatments before you arrive so you don’t bring any stowaways with you.

Cornwall is exceptionally dog-friendly, so you’ll be able to take them out and about with you quite happily. We realise though that, on occasion, you might like to visit a restaurant that isn’t dog-friendly. So, provided they’re accustomed to being crated, they can be left for a short period in your cottage in their crate (which you’ll need to bring with you). Please just let us know you’re leaving them so we can keep an ear out. If you’d like to leave them for longer than a couple of hours then our local kennels provide doggy day-care. This will need to be booked well in advance of your holiday. Dogs mustn’t be left unattended if they’re not crated.

Before you leave, please have a quick check for poos in the garden and terrace areas. And please remember to remove their holiday id tag from their collar and leave it behind for our next four-legged guest!

Plan Your Dog-Friendly Escape